Natural persons

Natural persons abroad

Natural persons abroad constitute the following:

  • Non-Swiss citizens domiciled abroad
  • Non-Swiss citizens domiciled in Switzerland who are neither citizens of a member state of the European Union or of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) nor possess a valid permanent residency permit category C

Not subject to BewG

This consequently means that the following are not subject to BewG: 

  • Swiss citizens domiciled in Switzerland or abroad
  • Swiss citizens with dual nationality domiciled in Switzerland or abroad
  • Citizens with lawful and actual residence in Switzerland
    • with residence permit EU / EFTA B
    • with permanent residency EU / EFTA C
    • with temporary residence permit EU / EFTA L
    • a person in the service of embassies, consulates or international organisations
      • with a legitimation card issued by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
    • a person in the service of foreign railway, postal or customs administrations domiciled in Switzerland
      • with an official ID
  • Citizens of other foreign states who are actually resident in Switzerland
    • with valid permanent residency category C 

Place of residence

Pursuant to the Swiss Civil Code (“ZGB”) 23 ff. the place of residence is where

  • the person is staying with the intention of remaining permanently,
  • the main focus of their personal life relationships is located,
  • they stay outside their working hours, where they maintain relations with family or friends and take part in social life 

Proof of residence

Non-Swiss citizens who wish to acquire real estate without a permit and who for this purpose cite their actual residency in Switzerland must furnish corresponding proof

The following are not in themselves sufficient:

  • residence permit issued by the aliens’ police
  • confirmation issued by the municipality concerning the established registration

Evidence of actual residency in Switzerland are:

  • cohabitation with spouse or life partner and minor children
  • employment relationship
  • registration of a vehicle
  • full obligation to pay tax
  • regular active involvement in an association in Switzerland

Nationality of the spouse

It is irrespective whether the spouse of the acquirer is a Swiss citizen.

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