Second home

The following may acquire second homes without the obligation to obtain a permit: 

  • Citizens of an EU or EFTA member state who work in Switzerland as international commuters (with an international commuter permit EU/EFTA G)
  • Preconditions
    • acquisition on their personal name
    • acquisition in the region of the place of work
    • occupied by the acquirer himself
      • prohibition of letting (partial letting is also prohibited)
    • in other respects the information set out under principal abode is applicable concerning
      • surface area of the abode
      • surface area of the plot of land
      • procedures
    • The office of the land register may not automatically enter a legal transaction concerning a plot of land larger than 1,000 m2 in the land register; it must refer the acquirer to the licensing authority.

In respect of the acquisition of second homes by non-international commuters, see the information set out under Grounds for approval

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